Athletics Teaching Made Easy

Each section of this 72 page resource will explain how to organise and plan each event safely. There are also basic technique coaching points, progressions and challenges for more advanced athletes.

Inclusion and differentiation ideas are also included. To save time on planning your sessions we have added a Performance Analysis Worksheet for the non - participants in your sessions, so they can be involved in the lesson.

Wet weather athletic sessions you will find Indoor athletics related sessions and lots of warm up ideas and games.

Finally you will find all the Town County & National standards for each event all in one easy to follow resource!

For each athletics event you will find many tips and information that will save you time when planning and organising your sessions. 

The drills and techniques are tried and tested over many years. Each event is broken down for beginners to more advanced athletes, the go to place for athletics teachers and coaches. 

The Throws, The Jumps and The Runs are all separate within the resource book to make it easier for teachers to find the information. 

At the back of the resource you will find a number of warm up ideas consisting of fun games and more specific warm ups relating to athletics events. 

Indoor sessions due to weather conditions are sometimes difficult to plan, there are some ideas for those sessions which still have the athletics techniques within the session. 

Performance Analysis Work Sheets




High Jump

Long Jump

Triple Jump


Middle Distance



only £2.00 each set

Your students will be able to use these Athletic Event Specific worksheets to help their understanding of how performance can be improved by use of the questions and photographs provided in these colourful resources. Questions relating to technique, rules, fitness requirements and training methods are included to help students knowledge and understanding. 

Suggested answers are provided on each worksheet

Please note only Discus , shot
and Sprints
are currently available. 
The others will be available soon.